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I decided in 2007 I would try my hand at the one-a-day strategy. After doing some research, I realized a blog would be the best and more straightforward way to get the work out into the world. I planned to use the blog as a diary to tell stories about my day through my art - there was one small glitch with this plan, I'm kinda boring. I briefly played with traditional blogging some time ago, but it turned into a rant about people not using their turn signals and parking too close to me. So I knew I needed to really focus on this to make it work.

On 01.01.07 I started the first piece of 2007 and posted it on my new blog. In 2007, I posted a new piece everyday after it was completed. This year I post new works when they are completed, the status of artworks in progress, art show announcements, and other various other announcements.

my blog is the best place to see a large body of my artwork. I post pieces when they are completed, so you can keep up-to-date as to what I am doing. sagworks.wordpress.com

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The first of 2008, I put together and self published a book featuring all 209 works I created through the one-a-week day series in 2007. The book is available as both a hardover and softcover 225 page book. You can see details of the book and order online through blurb.com. I have a few copies in stock so you can also order directly though .

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