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My employment history has permitted me to acquire a wide variety of design skills. I have worked in advertising agencies, as a freelance designer, and as a NASA contractor involved in such projects as the Hubble Space Telescope and NASA's Education and Public Outreach efforts. This background has provided me with extensive experience in designing works for various print environments, including interactive sales media, large format exhibits, photographic collages, retail sales packaging, advertisements, calendars, and various marketing materials. Through freelance projects I have had my work appear on the cover of magazines, calendars, websites, and a number of critically acclaimed CD's and LP's that have been distributed around the world as well as other various materials.

With a number of years in the design field behind me, I am very well aware of the importance of adhering to deadlines and working in a team environment. I have a wide-reaching grasp of all of the current digital graphics software suites and have practical experience with a variety of non-traditional facets of graphic design such as water-slide decal production, silkscreening, lithography, offset printing, and photography. In addition I have a high level of computer hardware and software proficiency. I am open to trying new things and welcome every opportunity to acquire new skills.

:::::: about my art :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

My artistic goal is to create how I see life. Everyone has a different eye and I want to represent mine. I see everyday life in shapes and colors. These individual shapes combine together to form a realistic image and that is how I create.

I say my artwork is what happens when you run with scissors.
It is only created with paper, glue, and patience.

Even my signature on my art and prints is cut out of paper!